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Auction Game Theory Based Adaptive Position Update Strategy for Geographic Routing in MANET


Shanthini.S , KSG Colllege of Arts and science


Geographic Routing, Adaptive position update, GPSR


The Auction game based Adaptive Position Update strategy for geographic routing, which dynamically adjusts the frequency of position updates based on the mobility dynamics of the nodes and the forwarding patterns in the network. Adaptive position update is based on three simple principles: first principle is nodes whose movements are harder to predict update their positions more frequently (and vice versa), then the second principle is nodes closer to forwarding paths update their positions more frequently (and vice versa) and last principle is Forwarding nodes are selected based on distance and residual energy with bidding among the neighbors. Several experimental analyses, which is validated by NS2 simulations of a well-known geographic routing protocol, Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing Protocol (GPSR), shows that game based Adaptive Position Update strategy for geographic routing can significantly improve the packet delivery ratio and improve the routing performance in terms of throughput in comparison with periodic beaconing and other recently proposed updating schemes. Finally give a better result in throughput and packet delivery ration by incurring a relatively smaller delay in delivering the packets. As the no. of nodes increases, this results in better packet delivery ratio of around 98%. The tradeoff between packet delivery ratio and Routing Over Head is slightly increased, The benefits of our work further confirmed by undertaking evaluations in realistic network scenarios, which account for localization error, realistic radio propagation, and sparse network.

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Paper ID: IJSRDV3I100356
Published in: Volume : 3, Issue : 10
Publication Date: 01/01/2016
Page(s): 932-936

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